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What is the jewelry made of?

Glass! It’s all glass. Some pieces I incorporate silver foil, but otherwise it’s all glass. Layers of sheet glass, frit, stringers, glass powder all melted in kiln up to 1520 degrees and then I cut it apart with wet saws and fix and mistakes with grinders. Some pieces see the kiln up to four separate times.

What Size Belt am I?

Size Small (size 32) – jeans 0-4

Size Medium (size 34) – jeans 6-8

Size Medium (size 36) – jeans 8-10

Size Large – jeans 12 – 14

Size Xlarge – jeans 16 – 18

Size XXlarge – Jeans 18-20

This isn’t completely perfect, if it’s the wrong size, we can exchange!

What are the earrings posts made of?

Brass with a silver plate. Have allergies? We can switch out the hook to a sterling silver wire for $4

What are the ring bands made of?

Brass with a silver plate

What size are the rings?

Adjustable! Size 5.5 – 9 about

The item I want is sold out, and I want it!

Every piece is one of a kind, so making the exact same piece is impossible, but I remake the same “style” of glass often, so keep an eye out, you can also email me a request for a remake.

Do you wholesale?

Of course, send us a message

Can I return it?

Of course, send us a message

Will the glass break?

Yes it can. The story I tell, I was showing at the Park City Art Festival and my entire display of 70 belt buckles tipped over on to the asphalt. Two belt buckles broke, SO! Yes, they can break, but they are pretty durable. I also got a new display stand for the buckles after that disaster!

Where can I see your glass in person?

Check out the “Find us in Person” tab.

I want to host a party and get free MOL!

OMG, awesome!!!! Send us a message. Like, right now. We love doing home parties. Did you message us yet? What are you waiting for? SEND IT. No pressure….. Did I mention free MOL? Just making sure.